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  • Catbatman

    New CNGW look!

    September 14, 2015 by Catbatman

    If you may have noticed, CNGW has a new look. It has a new logo, wordmark, and buttons are now blue. I decided just to make CNGW look more new and exciting. This look will stay for as long until I decide to make a new look or revert back to the old design.

    The wordmark at the top left of the screen hadn't been changed for quite some time I believe. This is also replaced with the new logo but shrunken down to Wikia's wordmark image limits. This one looks way better than the old one, as that one was REALLY stretched down to fit the limits.

    So that's the new look! Let me know if you like it or want the old look back.

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  • Catbatman

    Hello, Catbatman here. I'm going to help out and do more stuff here on CNGW. More games on Cartoon are being added (pretty much) by the day. This wiki is pretty far behind so we have a lot of working to do.

    Also, I've edited by profile picture! I know, dumb news but it's mentionable...

    Yes, where are they? One was made some time ago but I felt they are not really needed here right now. A lot is going on and I don't think a Top 10 list would really help. They might return after all this work is done.

    Minor edits are also being made on many existing pages here throughout CNGW. By minor edits I mean fixing grammer issues, spelling issues, sentence issues, page issues, pretty much all the issues we can find we'll fix it or remove it. …

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  • Catbatman

    After being gone from this wiki after awhile,I'll be trying to make the wiki have better quality.I removed the Links to Pages page due to it being pointless now.Adding more pages,and may remove the useless pages on non-green lighted CN pilots.Lets see if it works!

    As for the CNGW Top 10,I'm unsure.I may make more Top 10 Lists but 

    seeing as they are not needed right now I doubt it.

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  • Catbatman

    Links Made Easy!

    November 6, 2014 by Catbatman

    I have now added a "Links to Pages" section in the wiki's navigation section! It's on the top of the screen in th Wiki Content section.I'll be updating it (possibly) every month to keep the links fresh and up to date.

    Check it out for yourself! NOW!!!!!

    Catbatman (talk) 21:16, November 6, 2014 (UTC)

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  • Catbatman

    I'm Back!...again

    November 5, 2014 by Catbatman

    So I'm back...again.Actually I was back on October 31st but eh,whatever.I decided to do another one of these blogs sense I never really did a full blog update so here it is!

    So I've changed my profile picture to Sonic...again.Expect to see that word alot in this post.

    Here it is

    It's not exactly great,but it's better than an old picture.

    So I'll be trying to add more pages to Cartoon Network Games Wiki sense I really haven't done much on that wiki AT ALL.I'm also trying to sqeeze in some work on my new and in develompment Final Fantasy 7 wiki!The front page has been edited to look all fancy and good.I'm still trying to get the hang of templates,so expect lots of edits of the pages there.Please help out,as it will take lots of work on that wiki…

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