So I'm back...again.Actually I was back on October 31st but eh,whatever.I decided to do another one of these blogs sense I never really did a full blog update so here it is!

New Pictures! Whhhaaa??

So I've changed my profile picture to Sonic...again.Expect to see that word alot in this post.


Sonic art(SEGA)

Here it is

It's not exactly great,but it's better than an old picture.

Updates on wikis! Dates dates dates!

So I'll be trying to add more pages to Cartoon Network Games Wiki sense I really haven't done much on that wiki AT ALL.I'm also trying to sqeeze in some work on my new and in develompment Final Fantasy 7 wiki!The front page has been edited to look all fancy and good.I'm still trying to get the hang of templates,so expect lots of edits of the pages there.Please help out,as it will take lots of work on that wiki to make it...well,good.

Final Fantasy 7 Wiki

Cartoon Network Games Wiki (CNGW)

Edits?! Why that's...okay I give up

So someone has done an edit on CNGW as of 11/4/14 and it;s pretty good.

Take a look at it here:History:October 29 2014

Here's the history of the page before:History:March 6 2014

He fixed it up with a few spaces and it's quite good.Great job Contributer a very memorible name but eh.

This update IS OVER! GONE! GOOD BYE!

So that's it for real updates.Don't expect these things to be weekly oh no.But we'll see if anything happens this week,or not.I'm can't predict the future and I would probably put a That's So Raven reference here sense I'm not addicted to sitcoms now.Oh yeah,and Super Smash Bros. for 3DS.


Anyway,see ya...whoever reads these things I don't know.

Catbatman (talk) 07:18, November 5, 2014 (UTC)

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